TheraTogs™ and Dragonfly Assessment and Consultation

TheraTogs™ are a class 1 orthotic medical device designed to assist corrected functional alignment and support through the day.  This allows the child to practice movement patterns in corrected alignment not just during therapy sessions but throughout every day resulting in significantly greater opportunities for practice.   Dr. Stack holds advanced level certification as a TheraTogs™ fitter.  She has consulted with clients and their physical therapists from as far away as Taiwan.

Families considering TheraTogs™ and/or DragonFly systems for their children receive a full physical examination as part of the consultation.  This is necessary to ensure that TheraTogs™ are appropriate for your child and to allow for individualized goal setting. Typically families and their therapists require at least 4-6 additional sessions for training, and assessment and progression of strapping protocols once the TheraTogs™ have been received.  Dr. Stack will work with your therapist to determine treatment goals and strategies specific to your child.  It is imperative that children are followed closely by a highly qualified physical therapist particularly if they live out of the area and will not be able to complete ongoing therapy directly with Dr. Stack.

In many cases, your child’s TheraTogs™/Dragonfly may be covered by insurance with a prescription.  At times a letter of medical necessity may also be required for insurance coverage.  There is an additional fee for drafting the individualized letter of medical necessity. The Pediatric Therapy Center of Bucks County, LLC cannot guarantee whether your individual plan will cover the TheraTogs™ and/or DragonFly system and related visits.

“Deb was unbelievable in helping my daughter. Super professional, caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend her service for everyone.”

-Beverly K.

“I really liked how Deb made my son’s physical therapy fun for him. He was working so hard but it often felt like play for him. He was having difficulty recovering from his surgery, but she helped him regain his strength and return
to his old self.”

-Mary P.

“Professional, gentle, helpful and sweet.”

-Shari A.

“I really liked the personalized plans, the friendliness of the staff, and how our therapist tried new things not only as our son grew, but also to find what exercises worked best for him.”

-Jennifer L.

“My daughter has been wearing TheraTogs for 2 weeks now and we already see improvement in posture. She seems comfortable wearing it and we look forward to seeing more improvement.”

-Laura S.

“I love my supersuit!”

-Olivia L.

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