About Your Appointments


Preparing For The Evaluation:  Please dress your child comfortably.  Make sure that an older child understands that this is a bit like school…a time to focus and listen to the “teacher.”  Please have all electronics off so that your child has an easier time transitioning to “work” mode.

Depending on your child’s age and reason for referral, you may be asked to fill out additional parent questionnaires.

Please allow a full hour for the initial appointment and one-and-a half hours for a TheraTog/DragonFly consultation.  It is best to leave other children at home, or cared for by another adult, during the evaluation if at all possible.

You will be expected to pay the initial evaluation fee for the visit. See “How can I pay for my visit?” for more information.

Appointments:  Appointments are generally scheduled between 8-5 M-F.

Limited availability exists for evening appointments.

As the caseload varies, so do our available appointment days and times.  We try to schedule appointments together according to locations.  We do our best to be consistent with appointments, but certain days and times cannot be guaranteed for the entire duration of your treatment program.

A Note About Mobile Appointment Times:  Appointment arrival times are a 15-minute approximation.  Although we strive to meet our schedule appointment times precisely, traffic, weather and construction can alter scheduled times.  Client care is our number one priority.

Your flexibility with appointment times is truly appreciated.

Cancellations:  You will receive an email reminder 48 hours in advance of your appointment as long as you provided us with your email. If you need to cancel a visit, we require a minimum of 24-hours notice.  Please refer to our cancellation/no show policy for further details.

“Deb was unbelievable in helping my daughter. Super professional, caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend her service for everyone.”

-Beverly K.

“I really liked how Deb made my son’s physical therapy fun for him. He was working so hard but it often felt like play for him. He was having difficulty recovering from his surgery, but she helped him regain his strength and return
to his old self.”

-Mary P.

“Professional, gentle, helpful and sweet.”

-Shari A.

“I really liked the personalized plans, the friendliness of the staff, and how our therapist tried new things not only as our son grew, but also to find what exercises worked best for him.”

-Jennifer L.

“My daughter has been wearing TheraTogs for 2 weeks now and we already see improvement in posture. She seems comfortable wearing it and we look forward to seeing more improvement.”

-Laura S.

“I love my supersuit!”

-Olivia L.

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